Core Transformation Consultation Group

For Certified Core Transformation Coaches

Want to join a supportive community to enhance your coaching skills?

This is intended to be support for your ongoing learning, in whatever way we can reasonably offer it. We can respond to your requests. For example, depending on interest, you might:

  • Ask questions that have come up in your practice
  • Bring your tough client examples for a role play
  • Do a round of “coach the coach”
  • Get support in helping your client through the full course of coaching that’s best for their unique situation
  • Something else??

In addition, we’ve decided to start a CT teaching library for our coaches. This library has 12 CT sessions with commentary (6 from Tamara and 6 from Mark). We will continue to add to it. These videos will mostly be examples of sessions that didn’t go by the book, so you can see how we’ve responded to unusual situations. We may also add some sessions that are straightforward, to remind you that much of the time, this is how it goes. We may also add segments of client sessions that teach something useful. During the time that you’re enrolled in the consultation group, you’ll have access to this library as a bonus.

Group Details

  • Meet on Zoom
  • Date: Fourth Monday of every month
  • Time: 10 – 11:30am Denver, CO time
  • Cost: $150 per quarter (automatic renewal every 3 months from date you sign up, cancel anytime).
  • Group Size: Limited to 9 people. (When we get 10 or more people, we will either start a second group, or increase the meeting length.)
  • Led by: Tamara or Mark

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